The ultimate trusted advisor

We specialise in delivering expert in-house legal consultancy services to growth businesses across all sectors.  Whether it’s supporting your existing in-house legal team, or assisting with a dedicated project, we offer a flexible approach that’s tailored to your specific needs.  You might consider us the Penfold to your Mighty Mouse!

Our bespoke service enables clients to benefit from legal advisors as an integral part of their senior management team, advising on the implications of critical decisions that have to be made during the course of running their business, without having to commit to an expensive fixed overhead.

Our business lawyers and legal advisers have extensive commercial backgrounds with a minimum of five years post qualification. So, you get expert business advice at a reasonable cost.

Like a decent restaurant, you’ll find our menu short, but our execution exceptional!

Our experienced team of consultants have expertise in the following core areas, which we believe are integral to the running of a successful growth business.

Our flexible model allows us to coordinate these services around your businesses needs, allocating the right resource to the right problems, in order to delver the right solution in the most efficient way possible.

But sometimes you don’t need the full monty!

Sometimes you just want someone to drop in and drop out, so we’ll happily provide fixed prices on discrete packages of work.

So, if you’ve got a niggling query about SEIS registration or have a draft contract that you need reviewing, or maybe you just need someone to use as a sounding board, drop us a line and we’ll happily show you what law done differently feels like!